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Encrypting passwords

This procedure describes how to generate an encrypted password using the BMC Remedy ITSM Maintenance tool. You typically use an encrypted password when running a silent installation.

To encrypt a password, you must open the BMC Remedy ITSM Maintenance tool, then run the Encryption utility as described in the following sections:

Opening the BMC Remedy ITSM Maintenance tool

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To encrypt a password

  1. Click the Encrypt tab.
  2. Enter your password in the Password field and in the Confirm Password field.
  3. Click Encrypt.
  4. Copy and paste the encrypted password into the silent.txt file for your silent installer.

For example, if you want to encrypt the BMC Remedy AR System password and the output is {{DES\:b76c59dbc2e1433c7a9c2f006a2e2429116840dce695aea9}}, enter the following string:

    • -J BMC_AR_PASSWORD=DES\:b76c59dbc2e1433c7a9c2f006a2e2429116840dce695aea9
    • -J BMC_AR_CONFIRM_PASSWORD=DES\:b76c59dbc2e1433c7a9c2f006a2e2429116840dce695aea9 

For more information, see Installing silently.

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