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DSO implementation with BMC Remedy ITSM applications

This section guides you through implementing DSO in a BMC Remedy ITSM environment.

The following points provide a few examples of how BMC customers have implemented DSO with BMC Remedy ITSM applications:

  • Transfer data for a set of forms to the target server without transferring other, unrelated, data (for example, transferring only incident (help desk) and related forms).
  • Create staging forms on both the source and target servers and create DSO workflow to transfer data between the staging forms. Create additional custom workflow to transfer the data from the staging forms to the other required forms.
  • Transfer data of a complete application to the target servers for scenarios such as data replication, archiving, or reporting.


Regardless of your implementation type, for DSO to work with your BMC Remedy ITSM and non BMC Remedy ITSM forms, you must create distributed transfer and delete filters, and distributed mappings, that are specific for each form.

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