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Deployable application structure model

The BMC Remedy Action Request System (BMC Remedy AR System) platform provides the structural component used in the BMC Remedy IT Service Management (BMC Remedy ITSM) applications to define the deployable application architectural structure. Deployable applications provide functions that support a component architectural model:

  • Licensing enforcement
  • Encapsulation of permissions
  • Definition of entry points
  • Ability to import and export as a whole component

Deployable applications are used to wrap each of the different applications and modules that are provided in BMC Remedy ITSM applications. Deployable applications contain applications, modules, and helper components.


  • BMC Incident Management (licensed)
  • BMC Problem Management (licensed)
  • BMC Change Management (licensed)
  • BMC Asset Management (licensed)


  • Cost Module (licensed)
  • TMS
  • BMC Change Management Dashboards (licensed)
  • Application Administration Console
  • Reporting Console
  • Requester console

Helper components:

  • Foundation elements
  • Foundation components, such as message boxes and so on
  • Site
  • Company
  • BMC Atrium Product Catalog

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