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Defining users and administrators for Data Management

Application administrators can define users and administrators. The following procedure describes the minimum information required to define a DMT Admin or DMT User. When you configure users, you should modify the login ID to make it secure.


Always configure people by opening the BMC Remedy ITSM People form from the Application Administration Console. Changes in that form are automatically made in the BMC Remedy AR System User form, but changes in the User form are not made in the People form.

To define DMT Admin or DMT User

To define users, application administrators must have a BMC Remedy AR System license.

  1. From your browser, log on to BMC Remedy ITSM as appadmin (default login ID).
  2. From the Applications list on the IT Home page, select Administrator Console > Application Administration Console.
  3. On the Standard Configuration tab, select the appropriate company and then perform one of the following steps:
    • (Use new user as DMT Admin or DMT User) Create a record for the new user.
    • (Use existing user as DMT Admin or DMT User) Find the user by completing the following substeps:
      1. Click View next to Step 4 People in the Standard Configuration tab of the Application Administration Console.
      2. In the People form, search for the user.
      3. Select the user to define as the DMT Admin or DMT User.
        Information for the selected user appears in the People form.
  4. Click the Login/Access Details tab.
    1. In the Unrestricted Access field, select No.


      The DMT Admin can be granted unrestricted access by selecting Yes, but that will mean that he or she will be able to override all jobs in all companies.

    2. In the Application Permission area, click Update Permission Groups.
    3. In the Permission Group field of the Permission Group dialog box, select DMT User for a user or DMT Admin for an administrator.
    4. Click Add/Modify for each permission group.
    5. Click Close.

The DMT Admin or DMT User information is stored in the BMC Remedy AR System User form and the BMC Remedy ITSM People form.

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