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Data wizard architecture overview

This section provides a high-level overview of the data wizard architecture.

You modify two forms to make the data wizard work with your customizations: DLD:SYS:DataWizardProductStatus and DLD:SYS:DataWizAction.

In the following figure, the numbers indicate the sequence of steps that occur when you perform a count or modification from the Data Wizard Console.

High-level architecture overview

The following table describes the forms and plugins included or touched by the data wizard.

Forms and plugins included or touched by the data wizard

Form or plugin



Data Wizard Console (DLD:DataWizardConsole form)


Console from which the user runs the data wizard.

DLD:SYS:DataWizAction form


The core of the data wizard. All filters containing count or update SQL statements reside on this form. These filters run in different guides, based on the action and type of data. These SQL statements look at T tables and C columns.

DLD:SYS:DataWizardProducts form

Yes, but only if adding new forms to be updated by the data wizard

A join of data in the SHARE:Application_Properties form and the DLD:SYS:DataWizardProductStatus form. To make the data wizard work with new forms you add data to the DLD:SYS:DataWizardProductStatus form. The DLD:SYS:DataWizardProductStatus form contains the data displayed in the Status window when an action runs. Each record contains the application ID, data administration type, and target object. The target object is the form name displayed by the Status window. On this form, do not delete any record installed with the data wizard.

DLD:SYS:DataWizardAudit form


Contains a record of each count or update of each form for audit

DLD:SYS:DataWizardStatus form


Updates the Status window to indicate whether a count or update is in progress or complete.

Target form

Not applicable

Counted or updated by the data wizard.

DLD:Lock form


Prevents the data wizard from running a count or update while another count or update is in progress.

CAI plugins

Not applicable

Breaks the workflow from the user interface, which releases control to the user.

When the user performs a count or update, the data wizard performs the following steps:

  1. The user completes the information about the Data Wizard Console and clicks Go.
  2. The data wizard uses the DLD:SYS:DataWizAction form to create a new record in the DLD:Lock form.
  3. The DLD:SYS:DataWizAction form pushes to the CAI plugin, which releases console control back to the user.
  4. The CAI plugin continues to run filter actions on the DLD:SYS:DataWizAction form.
  5. The DLD:SYS:DataWizAction form copies the list of forms from the DLD:SYS:DataWizardProducts form.
  6. The DLD:SYS:DataWizAction form updates the status on the DLD:SYS:DataWizardStatus form to In progress.
  7. The DLD:SYS:DataWizAction form counts and updates target forms.
  8. The DLD:SYS:DataWizAction form gets the number of records to be updated (only for a count).
  9. For each form that contains one or more fields of the data administration type, the DLD:SYSDataWizAction form creates a record on the DLD:SYS:DataWizAudit form.
  10. The DLD:SYS:DataWizAction form updates the status on the DLD:SYS:DataWizardStatus form to Completed.
  11. The DLD:SYSDataWizAction form deletes the record from the DLD:Lock form.

The filter actions in the following table control the data wizard.

Filter actions for the data wizard

Execution order range

Filter actions

Range to customize

0 - 149

Validation. Check and create a DLD:Lock record



Push to CAI plugin


200 - 499

Perform count

400 - 499

500 - 849

Perform update

700 - 799


Related to updating categorizations



Deletes the DLD:Lock record


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