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Creating mappings between source form and union fields

After you define the source form record, you must create the mappings between the source form and the union fields.

To create mappings between source forms and union fields

  1. Open the SHR:Union_DataSource_FieldMappings form in New mode.
  2. In the Implementation Area, select Overview console.
  3. In the Source Form area, select XYZ:CustomForm.
  4. From the Select Source Field menu, choose the source field request ID.
  5. Verify that the source field ID is correct.
    The system uses this ID to build the union structure.


    If you select an incorrect source field, use the Select Source Field menu to select another field, which will populate the associated Source Field information.

  6. From the Union Field Name menu, specify ID for the Union Field Name value.
  7. Use the Status field to set the status.
    The default status value is Enabled. If you must exclude a mapping at a later time, but you want to keep it in the system, set the status to Offline. Offline mappings are ignored when the database union structure is built.


    Do not change the default Record Type value, Custom. This value indicates that this record was added as a customization.

  8. Repeat this procedure for the remaining mappings. In this example, use the information specified in Example source form mappings .

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