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Creating configuration data for union fields

In this procedure, you create the configuration data for the Custom Character Field union field. You also create configuration data for the Custom Selection Field union field.

To define configuration data

  1. Open the SHR:Union_DataSource_Fields form in New mode.
  2. From the Implementation Area menu, select Overview console.
  3. In the Union Field Name field, type the name of the custom character field — for example, CUSTOM_CHAR_FIELD.


    • In IBM DB2 environments, you must type the name in uppercase characters.
    • The Union Field DataType field is blank. The system populates this field later.
  4. (Optional) Provide a value for the Union Default Value field.
    This field is used by the system when a mapping is not found. Use single quotation marks to specify a default value that is a string — for example, 'N/A'.


    If you specify a value in the Union Default Value field, depending on your customizations, you might need additional workflow or need to customize existing workflow. 
    If the values that you are mapping come from a selection field, you can convert the enumerated values to match those values specified in a consolidated version of the field.
    In the example used in this topic, you do not need to set this value to Yes. For more information, see Adding additional requests to existing Overview console columns.

  5. Use the Status field to set the status.
    The default status value is Enabled. If you must exclude a column at a later time, but you want to keep it in the system, set the status to Offline. All records associated with Union field records with a status of Offline (for example, field mappings) are ignored when the database union structure is built.


    Do not change the default Record Type value, Custom. This value indicates that this record was added as a customization.

  6. Repeat this procedure, specifying CUSTOM_SELECTION_FIELD as the Union Field Name value in step 3.

Where to go from here

Creating mappings

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