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Converting VSD files to GIF files

After you save a diagram as a VSD file, you must convert the file to a GIF file so the file can be read and displayed by the related process HTML files.

To convert a VSD file to a GIF file

  1. Use Microsoft Visio 2007 to open the file that you want to convert.
  2. Select Tools > Options.
  3. From the Text quality section of the View tab, select the Higher quality text display (anti-aliased) option.
  4. Select the elements in the drawing that you want to include in the GIF file.


    For a process or procedure diagram, do not include the edges around the diagram, or the name that appears above the diagram in the header. To create a GIF file for a single action box or decision diamond from a procedure diagram (for example, to use in a work instruction HTML page), select only the box or the diamond.

  5. Select File > Save As.
  6. In the Save as type field, select Graphics Interchange Format (.gif).
  7. In the File Name field, perform one of the following actions:
    1. If you are converting the whole diagram, type the name of the original VSD file.
    2. If you are converting a portion of the diagram, (because you are converting a single action box or decision diamond), type a unique name.
      When creating a unique name, ensure that you use the following syntax:
      s<procedureNumber>_<stepNumberWith2Positions> (for example, s1_01.gif).
  8. Click Save.
  9. In the GIF Output Options window, you must select the following settings:
    • Data format — Non-interlaced
    • Color reduction — Adaptive
    • Background color — R=255, G=255, B=255
    • Transparency color — Do not select
    • Rotation — None
    • Resolution — Screen (96 x 96 pixels / in.)
    • Size — Source
  10. Click OK.

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