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Configuring web services for integration

To use web services for integrations among the product and third-party applications, complete the following steps.

To configure web services for integration

  1. Install Java SE 1.6 (or later) before installing or upgrading the application.

    Operating system


    Minimum required version

    Microsoft Windows, Solaris, Linux (Red Hat and SUSE)


    JRE 1.6.0_17



    JRE 1.6 build



    JRE 1.6 SR7

    For information about the required version of Java SE, review the most current product compatibility information at


    Oracle refers to Java 1.6 as "6.0". See Java SE Naming and Versions for more details.

  2. Choose the web service option during the installation of BMC Remedy AR System.
    If you install Java after installing BMC Remedy AR System, or do not select the web service option during installation of BMC Remedy AR System, reinstall BMC Remedy AR System.


    The first time that you use the web service after installation, you must access the Web Service Settings page in the Mid Tier Configuration Tool for this AR System server and enter Demo or another user name in the Anonymous User Name field. Otherwise, the following error message appears: "Error 149: A user name must be supplied...." For more information, see Accessing the Mid Tier Configuration Tool.

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