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Configuring actions in Smart IT

Actions can provide information to agents, while the agent is working on the ticket in Smart IT. An administrator can configure  external URLs, URIs,  and  provider actions for easy access from within tickets in the Smart IT interface. Agents can also launch actions from the Dashboard.  While resolving tickets, service desk agents can  refer  to defined actions to determine how to proceed.

You can configure actions globally for all views or for each view separately. Smart IT supports the Incident View, Work Order View, Task View, Person Profile, and Change View. All actions are displayed under the More menu.  When these actions are configured at the global level, the More menu is displayed next to the Configuration menu. When they are set for the individual view (for example, the Incident view), the More menu is displayed to the right of every incident ticket. In the More menu, you can arrange actions in alphabetical order or in a custom order.

You can configure actions through the universal client. However, while configuring, you can choose to apply them on Android and iOS platforms. You can edit and delete the configured actions any time.

Watch this short video about configuring provider actions:

Watch this short video about configuring URLs for easy access from the Smart IT interface:

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