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Changing the HTML frames page files in BMC Service Management Process Model

If you rename a process or procedure, you must also change the name of the process or procedure in the related HTML frames pages.

To change the title of an HTML frames page

  1. Use an HTML editor such as Notepad to open the HTML frames page file from the
    instDir\SMPM\<processName> directory.


    Most frames page files end with _Frames.htm (for example, Event_Procedure1_Frames.htm). The frames page file for the BMC SMPM main page uses the instDir\SMPM\index.htm naming convention. Every procedure in a process has a frames page.

  2. Change the title text appropriately.
    The title is located between the <title> and the </title> statements (for example, <title>Incident Management Procedure </title>)
  3. If the process name appears anywhere in the body of the HTML file, update it to the new name.
  4. Save the changes and close the file.

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