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Changing hotspots

BMC Service Management Process Model uses the hotspot code to indicate the location of the hyperlink target, the shape of the hotspot, and its position on the interface.

The following hotspot types are used in BMC Service Management Process Model:

  • Box
  • Diamond
  • Process or procedure link
  • Roles link

The following table shows a sample section of code for each hotspot type:

Hotspot types and sample code


Code sample


<area href="Work_Instructions/W2_07.htm" shape="rect" coords="327, 382, 475, 421">


<area href="Work_Instructions/W2_06.htm" shape="polygon" coords="400, 249, 326, 298, 400, 348, 475, 298">

Process or procedure link

<area href="../RootCause/RootCause_Procedure2_Frames.htm" target="_top" shape="rect" coords="732, 427, 753, 444">

Roles link

<area href="Availability_Roles.htm" shape="rect" coords="3, 171, 82, 221">

Understanding the hotspot code

The hotspot code is located in the map section of the HTML code. The map section starts with the following line of code: <td valign="top" align="left"><map name="FPMap0">

The map section ends with <\map>.

The following table describes what each area of the hotspot code controls.

Hotspot code and what it controls

Hotspot code

What it controls

<area href=" "

Indicates the location information of the hyperlink target; for example, <area href="Work_Instructions/W2_07.htm"


Specifies the hotspot's shape: rect = box, polygon = diamonds; for example, shape="polygon"


Provides the shape's coordinates. When giving the coordinates for boxes, you must provide the upper left-hand corner and the bottom right-hand corner coordinates. For diamonds, all four corners must be specified. For example, coords="400, 249, 326, 298, 400, 348, 475, 298"> (for a diamond) or coords="3, 171, 82, 221"> (for a box).

To change hotspot code

  1. Use an HTML editor to open the related process or procedure HTML file.
  2. Locate the section of code that relates to the hotspot that you are changing.
  3. Perform one of the following actions:
    • To move a hotspot, adjust the coordinates.
    • To resize at hotspot, adjust the coordinates.
    • To remove a hotspot, delete its entry from the map section.
    • To add a hotspot, perform the following actions:
      1. Copy a section of hotspot code with the same shape (that is, "rect" or "polygon") and paste it within the map section.
      2. Update the <area href= section so that it points to the new hyperlink target.
      3. Update the coords= section to provide the coordinates of the new hotspot entry.
  4. Save the updates in the HTML file.
  5. Open the HTML file from the BMC Service Management Process Model interface and verify that the updates work.

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