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Changing diagrams

If your organization uses a workflow for a process or procedure that is not the same as the one suggested by BMC Service Management Process Model, you can change the related diagram to indicate that difference. You can make the following types of changes:

  • Update the graphical elements in the diagram
  • Change the text in the diagram


You must have Microsoft Visio 2007 to change a diagram.

To change a diagram

  1. Use Microsoft Visio 2007 to open the diagram that you want to change.
    The diagrams are located in the instDir\Process and Procedure Diagrams\<SMPMProcessDir> directory.
    For example: instDir\Process and Procedure Diagrams\Event Management
  2. Create a copy of the original drawing file for recovery purposes.
  3. Make the necessary changes in the original drawing.


    If you add or modify action boxes or decision diamonds in the diagram, you must update the related work instructions as described in Updating related work instructions

  4. Save the changed drawing as a VSD file (Microsoft Visio 2007 format).
  5. Convert the VSD file to a GIF file.
    For more information about how to convert the VSD file to a GIF file, see Converting VSD files to GIF format.
    Ensure that the GIF file has the same name as the VSD file (exclusive of the extension).
  6. Copy the GIF file to the directory that contains the original GIF file and overwrite the original GIF file with the new GIF file.
    For example, if you are changing a diagram in the Event Management process, open \instDir\SMPM\Event.


    If the physical size of the new diagram is not the same as the original diagram, the diagram is not displayed correctly in its corresponding HTML page. To adjust the HTML size settings that control the display position of the GIF file, see Adjusting diagram size.

  7. If you added, moved, or removed an action box or decision diamond, adjust the hotspots in the HTML file that contains the diagram.
    For more information about how to change the hotspots, see Changing hotspots.
  8. Open the BMC Service Management Process Model process related to the diagram that you changed and ensure that the new process or procedure diagram appears correctly. Also verify that the hotspots are in the correct position and that they redirect you to the correct procedure or work instruction.

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