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Can I update data from every spreadsheet tab

The spreadsheets that you use for creating and updating data are organized into tabs. Each spreadsheet tab represents an intermediate loading form (sometimes also referred to as a staging form) that the Data Management utility uses later, during the data load job, to validate the data before promoting it to the application forms.

You can create new data using any tab on any spreadsheet. However, you can only update existing data from some of the tabs.

For example, when working with Foundation data, you cannot update data from the following People spreadsheet tabs. You can use these tabs only to create data. 

SpreadsheetTab - Create data only




When working from the CTM_People tab, you also are unable to update an existing People record to add Unrestricted Access to a person's list of permissions.

The tables in the following sections list tabs from which you can update data: 

Create and update data

The following tables list the spreadsheet tabs from which you can update different data types.

Process data

The following table lists the tabs from which you can update Process data.

SpreadsheetTab - Create and update data
Process_ Setup_Knowledge RKM_LoadVisibilityGrpMappng

Transactional data

The following table lists the tabs from which you can update Transactional data.

SpreadsheetTab - Create and update data






Create data only

The following is a list of forms from in which can only create data. You cannot update data in these forms.


These forms are not affected by the Create Only flag in the Data Management application preferences. Even when the Create Only flag is set to No, you cannot update data in these forms.

  • APR:LoadSignature
  • CFG:LoadBusinessTimeHolidays
  • CFG:LoadReminders
  • CHG:LoadInfrastructureChange
  • CHG:LoadImpactedAreas
  • CHG:LoadWorkLog
  • CTM:LoadPeopleWorkLog
  • CTM:LoadSGPOnCall
  • CTM:LoadSupportGroupAlias
  • CTR:LoadContract_Relationship
  • CTR:LoadWorkLog
  • FIN:LoadCosts
  • FIN:LoadPayments
  • HPD:LoadHelpDesk
  • HPD:LoadImpactedAreas
  • HPD:LoadTemplate
  • HPD:LoadTemplateAssociations
  • HPD:LoadWorkLog
  • PBM:LoadImpactedAreas
  • PBM:LoadInvestigationWorkLog
  • PBM:LoadKnownErrorWorkLog
  • PBM:LoadSolutionDBAlias
  • PBM:LoadSolutionWorkLog
  • PCT:LoadProdCatAliasMapping
  • SHR:LoadAssociations
  • TMS:LoadAssignmentConfig
  • TMS:LoadAssociationTemplate
  • TMS:LoadFlowTemplate
  • TMS:LoadVariableMapping
  • TMS:LoadWorkInfo

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