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Building the database union structure

After you create mappings, you build the database union structure.

To build the database union structure

  1. Open the SHR:Union_ConfigurationConsole form either in Search mode or New mode.
  2. From the Implementation Area menu, select Overview Console.


    If you change the mappings or any other configuration records and need to refresh the information displayed in the SHR:Union_ConfigurationConsole tables, reselect the Implementation Area menu.

  3. Click Build/Rebuild Database Union Structure.
    This action removes the previous database union structure and replaces it with the new union fields and mappings.


    If you include union fields or mappings that require enumerated value conversion, you must set the Bypass Enum Value Conversion flag to Yes until you create the corresponding Enum field on the AR View form. The AR View form contains the consolidated list of enumerated values. For more information, see Adding requests to existing Overview console columns.

Where to go from here

When a message informs you that the build of the database union structure is complete, perform the procedure described in Adding new fields to the overlay

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  1. Jef De coster

    You most likely will get a nice TIMEOUT error message:

    ARERR 93


    You can ignore this...

    Apparantly the Actions will pass, and if you wait for let's say 5 minutes and check next Step "Adding new fields to the overlay." The fields will be available.

    Apr 02, 2014 06:57
    1. Bruce Cane

      Hi Jef, thanks for leaving your comment. Could you please clarify this a bit? At what point are you suggesting the time out error occurs, ... is it the result of Step 3? And, when you say that you can ignore "this", what is the "this" that are you are referring to; the timeout error?

      Apr 02, 2014 11:18
  2. Jef De coster

    Hi Bruce,

    The Time Out Error appears after step 3, Thus after you've clicked the "Build/Rebuild Database Union Structure." button.

    The error itself can be ignored. Thus even if it shows the error the necessary DB actions seem to have taken place.

    This can be verified by going to Adding new fields to the overlay. where you'll retrieve the new fields you've mapped.

    The message as stated under "Where to go from here":

    "When a message informs you that the build of the database union structure is complete, perform the procedure described in Adding new fields to the overlay. "

    Didn't show up, because of the error message.



    1. Instead of the "complete" message you most probably will get a "Timeout" error.
    2. You can ignore this error, you wont receive a "complete" message
    3. Go to Adding new fields to the overlayto verify if it worked out ok. (Which it has every time in my situation)
      1. If so just go on with the next steps under Adding new fields to the overlay

    Kind regards,


    PS. I've posted an issue about this, and BMC Created a Defect, as it was reproducable at their side...

    Apr 04, 2014 06:51
    1. Bruce Cane

      Ok, thanks very much for the detailed clarification Jef. That's very helpful. I'll be contacting the dev team that implemented this. It sounds like a product defect more than a doc defect at this point. I'll check to see how soon the dev team thinks they can fix this.

      Apr 04, 2014 08:05
  3. Anil Karicheti

    Hi Team,

    When i click on the button build, i am facing below errors. Can someone help me to fix the issue. The SQL database operation failed. : The ROLLBACK TRANSACTION request has no corresponding BEGIN TRANSACTION. (SQL Server 3903) (ARERR 552)

    Regards, Anil Kumar K

    Feb 13, 2019 09:29