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BMC Remedy ITSM installation messages you can ignore

This topic describes messages that you might encounter during an upgrade or an installation that are safe to ignore.

Not enough fields found

During a first-time installation of BMC Remedy ITSM 7.6.04 or later, the following warning message might appear in the BMCRemedyAssetManagement.log, BMCRemedyIncidentManagement.log, and BMCRemedyProblemManagement.log files:

"WARN - Not enough fields found. Found 60, expected 62." This warning can be found in the following
log files for the specified arx file. BMCRemedyAssetManagement.log BMCRemedyITSMSuite/Workflow/
install/7.6.04_fresh_install/systems/ast/workflow/en/././ ast_DLD_SYS_DataloadOrder_cfg.arx
BMCRemedyIncidentManagement.log BMCRemedyITSMSuite/Workflow/install/7.6.04_fresh_install/
systems/ast/workflow/en/././ hpd_DLD_SYS_DataloadOrder_cfg.arx BMCRemedyProblemManagement.log

BMC Asset Management upgrade warning messages

If you upgrade BMC Asset Management from an earlier version, you might encounter error messages similar to the following messages:

[WARNING][Sat Jan 8 02:53:21.931] ImportFileNode- ARImport() successful for "ast_deplapp.def", but returned a warning

[WARNING][Sat Jan 8 02:53:21.932] ImportFileNode- 552 The SQLdatabase operation failed.

BMC Knowledge Management upgrade warning messages

If you upgrade BMC Knowledge Management from 7.6.03 and later versions to version 8.1.01, the arerror.log file might display error messages similar to the following messages:

Fri Aug 31 21:22:40 2012 lastsql CREATE VIEW RKM_HowToTemplate
(zz99mm88nn77oo66qq55rr44ss3321,Submitter,Create_Date, Assigned_To,Last_Modified_By,Modified_Date,

Fri Aug 31 21:22:40 2012  390600 : The SQL database operation failed. (ARERR 552)

Fri Aug 31 21:22:40 2012  [IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/NT64] SQL0206N  "CO302290901" is not valid in the
context where it is used.  SQLSTATE=42703

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