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Best Practice and Classic views

BMC Remedy ITSM provides both a Best Practice view and a Classic view for key forms.

The Best Practice view is an improved version of the form. In this view, the fields most commonly used are immediately visible. You can access less frequently used functionality from the tabbed sections of the form or from the links in the navigation pane. For example on the Incident request form, the Templates field is included in the Best Practice view to encourage the use of templates.

The Classic view is a view of the form similar to the view provided in earlier releases. This view is provided for customers who are upgrading from earlier versions of BMC Remedy ITSM applications and who have not yet adopted the Best Practice view. You can configure many of the BMC IT Service Management (ITSM) suite applications for either the Best Practice view or the original Classic view. You perform the view configuration at the application, group, or individual user level.

This section explains why Best Practice views were developed, outlines the benefits of using them, and provides some recommendations for deploying them.

Best Practice views are available for the following applications and modules in the BMC Remedy ITSM Suite:

  • Change request
  • Incident request
  • Known error
  • Problem investigation
  • Release request
  • Work Order

For information about the benefits of Best Practice view in each application, see Benefits of Best Practice views.


If a procedure description in the documentation differs depending on the view, both methods are described. Instructions for the Best Practice view are provided first.

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