This documentation applies to the 8.1 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite, which is in "End of Version Support." You will not be able to leave comments.

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Applying the BMC Atrium Core post-DDM packages

When the source version of BMC Atrium Core is 8.0 (or earlier) and the target version is 8.1 (or later), fields in these Atrium Core forms are updated through workflow triggered by a staging form during the post-upgrade portion of the installer. To update the fields for the delta data, To apply the BMC Atrium Core post-DDM packages.

The following data transformation changes are the results of updated functionality. These changes are already been done while upgrading BMC Atrium Core from version 8.0 (or earlier) to 8.1. To update the fields for the delta data, apply the package in your destination server.

Description of change

How to verify

Update existing records to reflect or correct the actual CMDB class names in the CategorizationSchemaKeyword field.

Updated schemas are:

  • PCT:Product Catalog
  • PCT:LoadModelVersionPatch
  • PCT:LoadProdCatAliasMapping
  • PCT:LoadProdComAssoc
  • PCT:LoadProdModelVersion
  • PCT:LoadProductAlias
  • PCT:LoadProductCatalog
  • PDL:ESIDapps
  • PDL:ESIDappsCustom

For the CMDB.SC:ServiceContextAuthenticationInfo* form, fields 530070260 and 530070280 are set with a default value of AUTO_FILLED_BY_DDM_PROCESS, if they were null or empty earlier. The changes are done because the fields been made mandatory in this version.

Review the field values in the CMDB.SC:ServiceContextAuthenticationInfo* form.

To apply the BMC Atrium Core post-DDM packages

Complete the following procedure if your Product Catalog version is 8.0 or later.


Run the Delta Data Migration Tool to migrate data for all applications, including BMC Knowledge Management. After the migration has completed, install the BMC knowledge management post-delta data migration bundle.

  1. Open a command window, and change to the Utilities\post_DDM\Atrium\patches folder.
  2. Run the batch file with the following command-line options:

    setup.bat <destinationServer> <user> <password> <port>
  3. Follow the prompts and wait for the batch file to finish.
  4. Check the logs located in the Utilities\post_DDM\Atrium\patches\Logs folder to ensure that the package installed correctly.
    If there are any errors, correct them before re-installing the bundle.

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