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Analyzing your customizations for impact on dataload functionality

After you identify customizations, you must determine their impact on the dataload functionality. The types of customizations to BMC Remedy ITSM that can impact the functionality of the Data Management tool are as follows:

  • Custom fields with Required entry mode — Whether these fields are new or are modified on existing BMC Remedy ITSM forms, they impact the data load. You must make sure that these fields are populated with data. Otherwise, the data load fails. 
  • Fields with Optional entry mode — If these fields have custom workflow to enforce data entry when records are created or updated, they impact the data load. If required, duplicate the custom workflow on the dataload staging forms to enforce the same constraints. To determine the appropriate staging form, see Spreadsheets provided and target form mapping. 
  • Custom workflow — In most cases, workflow customizations do not impact the Data Management tool. When data is loaded by the tool, all BMC Remedy ITSM workflow on forms targeted for the load are bypassed, with the exception of workflow firing from the tool itself. This workflow bypass on target forms is performed by using filter workflow with goto actions. These filters fire on execution order 0 based on keywords that are received from the dataload staging forms.
    Some custom workflow, however, does impact the dataload function. For example, the workflow might be triggered on creation of the record on the form to create other child or dependent records elsewhere. 
  • New customized forms — In most cases, new forms do not impact the dataload function. If dependencies are created between a new customized form and dataload target forms, however, you must perform additional evaluation.

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