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Adding new columns to the table in the overlay

After you add new fields to the overlay, you add any new columns to the SHR:OverviewConsole table in the overlay.

To add new columns to the table in the overlay

  1. Open BMC Remedy Developer Studio in Best Practice Customization mode.
  2. In the Form list, locate the SHR:OverviewConsole form.
  3. If an overlay has not yet been created for the form, right-click the form name in the Form list and select Create Overlay.
    The form opens automatically
  4. If you did not create the overlay in the preceding step, double-click the form name in the Form list to open it.
  5. In the view that you are customizing, select Create View Overlay from the Form menu.


    To show the columns on the Home page as well as on the main Overview console, which is located under Foundation Elements, you must overlay the Default User View and the Overview Homepage Content view (and any localized views that must be included).

  6. Locate the z2TH_ConsolidateTable1 table field (Field ID: 301444200), right-click the table, and select Create Overlay.
  7. In the table Properties tab, change the Others > Overlay Type value to Overwrite, and then save the form.
  8. In the table Properties, click the Tree/Table Property attribute box to open the Tree/Table Property dialog box.
  9. In the Fields from Remote Form SHR:Union_OverviewConsole and Local Form SHR:OverviewConsole list, select the fields you need to add and then click the arrow (>) to add them to the Table Columns list.


    If you have created the overlay views for all applicable views, you can select the Add columns to table in overlay views only option and click OK. Alternatively, you can select the Add columns to table in all views option to create overlays on all of the views and include the new column.

  10. Modify any additional field attributes, permissions, and so on, for the new column as required.
  11. Save the form.

Where to go from here

Viewing changes on the Overview console

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