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Adding a column to the Overview console

After you determine which field or value to include on the Overview console, use the procedures in this section to add a corresponding column to the Overview console.

As an example, these procedures add the Custom Character field (Field ID: 536870913) and the Custom Selection field (Field ID: 536870914) from various request forms. In the example, the Custom Selection field enumerated values are the same across the different source forms and do not require enumerated value conversion.


You can map different fields or values into the same column, but the data types of the fields must be the same as the union field. If you specify a selection field, the values on each request form must match; otherwise, you must create a selection field with a consolidated list of values and use the Convert Enumerated Values option when you define the union field. For more information, see Adding additional requests to existing Overview console columns.

Perform the following procedures in the order indicated by the list:

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