This documentation applies to the 8.0 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite, which is in "End of Version Support." You will not be able to leave comments.

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Upgrading BMC Remedy ITSM to 8.0.00 removes localized views and overlays

During an upgrade to 8.0.00, the BMC Remedy ITSM installer temporarily removes all localized views and, as a result, also inappropriately removes all overlays of the views. Even though the upgrade is successful, your overlays for localized views are no longer present.


Before you begin upgrading


For more information, see Exporting and importing definitions.

  1. Open BMC Remedy Developer Studio in Best Practice Customization mode.
  2. Open the Forms list.
  3. From Filtering Options, deselect the Based and Custom Customization Types, and leave only Overlay selected.
    This displays all forms that contain Overlays.
  4. Select all of the forms displayed in the list.
  5. Right-click the selected forms and then click Export Form View.
  6. In the Export Views dialog, perform the following actions:
    1. Click the Locale column to sort by Locale.
    2. Select all views that do not have a locale specified (where the locale is blank or null).
    3. Click Remove.
      This removes all English views from the export.
  7. Specify the file location of the definition file in then To File field, and then click Export.
    At this point, you have now backed up all of the localized form views, as well as the view overlays.

Complete the upgrade process

After you finish the upgrade, the forms are in an upgraded state, and the English Overlays are still intact. The Localized views are also in place in an upgraded state, but you must re-apply the localized overlays.

After you complete the upgrade

  1. Open Developer Studio in Best Practice Customization mode.
  2. Select File > Import > View Definitions, and then click Next.
  3. Select the server for which you will be importing the views, and then click Next.
  4. Specify the location of the definition file that contains the exported overlay views from the pre-upgrade step in the Import File field, and then click Next.


    For the remaining steps, you must import only the overlay views in order not to impact or overwrite the base layer views. The overlaid views contain the __o suffix at the end of the form name.

  5. Click the Remove All button to remove all views from the import list.
  6. Click Add and carefully select only the localized views with the __o suffix on the form names.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Confirm that the forms in the view list are only overlay views and then click Finish.
  9. Continue with the normal upgrade process (for example, reconciling your overlays).
    For detailed steps on adjusting customizations with overlays present, see Stage 3 - Upgrade applications and adjust customizations with overlays present

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