This documentation supports the 22.1 version of BMC Helix ITSM.

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Task 5: Exporting and importing the contents in production environment

The IT content pack  is designed for the Apex Global company and its related data. After testing and verifying the services in your development environment with the out-of-the-box data, you must make sure to modify the services and the workflows to work with the company and people data in your production environment.

You can then export and import the following artifacts in the production environment:

  • The services and the IT portal.
  • Work order templates related to the services. 
  • The SB Ad-Hoc Approval Process used in the workflows. 

The following image shows the process to set up the content pack:

To export and import the services and IT portal to the production environment

The following table lists the tasks and the references to complete them:

Export the services as a .zip file

Copying services from another system Open link

Export the IT portal 

Exporting and importing workplace studio pages Open link

 You have completed all the mandatory configuration tasks to set up the IT content pack

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