This documentation supports the 22.1 version of BMC Helix ITSM.

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Task 2: Setting up the users

After verifying the IT content pack deployment, as an AR System administrator, you must set the password for the users in the content pack. By default, the passwords are not set for users. During the first login, users are prompted to change their passwords. 

Optionally, you also create new user if you don't want the system messages to be displayed by the default hannah_admin user name. 

The following image shows the process to set up the content pack:

(Optional) To create a user for system messages

End users can see system messages for the Application Access Request and Create User Account services. By default, the system messages are published with the hannah_admin user name specified in the Helix ITSM connector, which is configured in BMC Helix Digital Workplace. To personalize these messages, you can create a user, which will be used to send the system messages. The new user name appears in the UI for the end users. 

  1. Log in to the AR System server. 
  2. From the AR System Administration Console, select Application > Users/Groups/Roles > Users. 
  3. In Login Name, enter the name of the user. 
    Example: helix_service
  4. In Full name, specify the full name of the user. 
    Example: Helix Service
  5. Click Save

To set the user password and apply license configuration

The licenses are required for license configuration (what you configure), and not for license entitlements (what you purchase). 

  1. Log in to the AR System server. 
  2. Select AR System Administration> AR System Administration Console.
  3. Select Application > Users/Groups/Roles > Users.
  4. To set the password, in Login Name, enter the name of the user.
    For example, Rina.
  5. Click Search.
  6. In Password, set the password, which can be up to 28 characters.
  7. In License Type, specify the following licenses:

    UserLicense configuration
    Rina TakahashiFloating

    Javier Santos


    Asuka Nakamora


    Isabella Portico


    Victor VP


    (Optional) If you created a new user for system messages

  8. Repeat the process for the  users. 
  9. Click Save

For more information about setting password and password policy, see  Creating and modifying users Open link

The following image shows a User form for Rina Takahashi:

Where to go from here

If you have created a new user for the system messages or want to customize the approval method.Task 3: (Optional) Customizing the services
If you do not want to customize the approval method or workflows, you can skip the step and go ahead to enable the IT portal for end users.Task 4: Enabling the IT portal
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