This documentation supports the 22.1 version of BMC Helix ITSM.

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Task 1: Getting the IT content pack

The first step to leverage the IT content pack is to get it in your development environment. If you are a SaaS customer, you can request the BMC Customer Support team to deploy the content pack in your development environment. If you are an on-premises customer, you can configure the deployment file input parameter to deploy it in your development environment. 


When a database refresh process occurs, the IT content pack might get migrated from the development environment to the QA or production environments. You must manually disable the content pack data during a database refresh.

The following image shows the process of setting up the content pack: 

(SaaS customers) To get the content pack and verify the deployment status

As an administrator, contact BMC Customer Support to deploy the IT content pack .
The content pack is deployed in your development environment.

(On-premises customers) To get the content pack

As an administrator, deploy the content pack by configuring the DWP_DEPLOY_SAMPLE_CONTENT_PACK parameter in the Smart Applications deployment input configuration file.


The parameter must be configured for the development environment only. Once deployed, the content pack cannot be undeployed. 

To learn how to configure the deployment configuration file, see Smart applications parameters in the deployment input configuration file Open link

(For SaaS and on-premises customers) To verify the content pack deployment status

  1. As an AR System administrator, log in to the AR System server. 
  2. Select AR System Administration > AR System Deployment Management Console.
  3. Make sure that BMC IT Content Pack is deployed successfully, as shown in the following image: 

  4. To view the deployment package content, click View
    The contents are displayed as shown in the following image: 


The following table describes the common deployment issues that can occur and the steps to resolve the issues: 


Steps to resolve

The deployment failed or the company data, people data, or work order templates are not visible.Contact BMC Customer Support.
One or more user's data failed to import.

If a user with the same name and login ID already exists, the user's data cannot be imported. 

Create another user with a unique login ID for the Apex Global company. 

Where to go from here

After successful deployment, you set the password for each user in the content pack. To learn more, see Task 2: Setting up the users

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