This documentation supports the 22.1 version of BMC Helix ITSM.

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Fix or Repair

The IT content pack provides a service to fix or repair an IT issue related to an asset assigned to the user, or an application. The assets belonging to the end user are populated by using the lookup -type of question. If the end user wants to order a new PC, instead of fixing or repairing, a link is provided from the service description to directly open the Order New PC service. 

Content pack titleFix or Repair
EntitlementApex Global - IT Services
Incident templateNot applicable
BMC Helix Digital Workplace Catalog itemFix or Repair
Involves approval? - Yes or NoNo

Service request activity flow

The following sequence occurs when an employee initiates a service request:

Important capabilities of the service

The Fix or Repair service includes the following advanced capabilities that help you accomplish this use case quickly and efficiently:

JSON parsing for meaningful service request summary

The following table explains how JSON parsing is used to include answers from the user in the service request summary. Agents working on the incident get better context about the requested service by reading this summary.

The following table shows the workflow elements and their qualifications that ensure meaningful summary is added when an incident is created:

Workflow element nameActionDescription
JSON ParserUsed to parse the Impacted Asset selected by the end user when submitting the service request. 

The following qualification in the INPUT MAP ensures that the Impacted Asset value is parsed: 

Update Service RequestIncludes output from the JSON Parser - the Impact Asset in the summary field.

The following qualification in the INPUT MAP ensures that the output from the JSON Parser is included when the service request is updated:

Create IncidentIncludes the summary (with the impacted asset specified by the end user) along with the service request ID.

The following qualification ensures that the summary is included when an incident is created:

Lookup-type questions to display assets

When submitting this service request, use the lookup-type questions to display only those assets that belong to the requester.


  • The end user Isabella Portico has three assets and services mapped in BMC Helix CMDB. The Impacted Asset or Impact Service fields are blank if a user who does not have assets mapped in BMC Helix CMDB, requests this service.

The following table shows the Question Designer with the lookup-type question:

QuestionField nameDescriptionExample
Impacted AssetQuestion ValuesSpecifies the AST:AssetJoinASTPeople form. This form is a join form that includes information from the CTM:People and the AST form. 

Impacted AssetQuery filterEnsures that only those assets used by the requester are displayed. The assets are populated from the join form specified in the Question Values field. 

Relative links are links to BMC Helix Digital Workplace core application pages, studio pages, external pages, catalog services, knowledge articles, and other pages internal to the organization. You can add them as inline links or as on-click links.

The service question contains a relative link that points to the Order New PC service. You add the relative link in the following format:

https://#/itemprofile/<GUID of the Order New PC service>.

The GUID of the Order New PC is AGGFQ45MJBCF2AQSBJ3NQSBJ3NOGF6, which is entered in the Fix or Repair service description, as shown in the following image:

To add the GUID of another service

The relative link can be added to services created in version 21.3.xx or later. 
To get the service GUID, make sure you have the service request ID and then complete the following tasks:

  1. Log in to BMC Helix Innovation Studio and select Digital Workplace Catalog. 
  2. Click the check box that corresponds to the  mp_product_product_versions record definition, and click Edit Data.
  3. Copy the GUID that corresponds the request ID of the service to which you want to add the relative link.

The following image shows how to get the service GUID:

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