This documentation supports the 21.05 version of BMC Helix ITSM. To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Configuring the Email Rule Engine

You can configure the Email Rule Engine to enable the creation and update of the following BMC Helix ITSM application records by using user email:

  • Create and add work information for incident requests, work orders, and change requests
  • Add work information only for problem investigations, known errors, and tasks
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Before you begin

To configure email rules, you must meet the following prerequisites:

  • Email Engine must be installed on your system.

  • You must have Email Rule Config permissions. 

For information about configuring mailboxes, see Configuring Email Engine Open link in the AR System documentation.

If you are creating an application request by using email, one of the following conditions must be met:

  • Your email address must be recorded in the Email Address field of your People form record.
    You must have a login ID defined if email is chosen as the default mechanism of notification. 
  • If your email address is not recorded in the People form, your email address must be configured as a trusted email address in the Email Rule Engine, and one of your email addresses existing in the People form must be configured as a trusted recipient.  For more information, see Configuring trusted email addresses and recipients. In the case of a trusted email address, the request or the work order information is created by the trusted recipient on behalf of your trusted email address.


    Details of the submitter email address and the trusted recipient are displayed in the Notes field of the request form.

    For an overview of the email application request feature, see Creating and updating records by using email Open link .

Email Rule Engine configuration process

The process of configuring the Email Rule Engine consists of the following tasks:

  1. Configuring the Excluded Subjects list
  2. Configuring the Email Rule Engine use cases
  3. Enabling the Email Rule Engine
  4. Configuring assignments


When you create a ticket by using the Email Rule Engine, you must be a valid user or have a trusted email ID to add information to the Work Info field.

When you use the Email Rule Engine for creating or changing a change request, you must have the Change Submitter, User, or Master permissions and for creating a Work Order, you must have the Work Order Submitter, Work Order User, or Work Order Master permissions.

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