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Defining RSS feeds

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) format is used to deliver regularly changing web content to users. RSS is a way to easily distribute updates notices, headlines, or content to a wide number of people. RSS works by having an author maintain a list of notifications at the defined location in a standard way. This list of notifications is called an RSS feed. People interested in the information provided by the RSS feed can subscribe to this list.

The notification usually consists of a simple title that describes the notification, sometimes including a more complete description, and a link to the web page where the actual information described is available. You must define RSS feeds in BMC Helix ITSM to which users can subscribe.

To define RSS feeds

  1. Select Application Administration Console > Custom Configuration > Foundation > Social Collaboration > RSS Feed Definition.
  2. Click Open.
  3. On the AR System Feed Definition form, provide the required information to define the RSS feed and then click Save.

Field name


Retain for (seconds)

Specify the number of seconds that you want to retain the RSS feed before updating the feed. The default value is 3600 seconds.

Permitted Subscribers

Specify groups who want to receive the RSS feed

Drill Down VUI

Specify the name of the view for the form from which you want to receive the RSS feed


Specify the AR System server name from which you want to receive RSS feeds

Important: If you want to receive RSS feeds from remote AR System servers, add those server names by using this field. Make sure that these remote servers are added to the mid tier and that you specify the same names.


Specify the AR System form from which you want to receive the RSS feed

Article Title

Specify the title of the RSS feed, also known as an article

Important: If the value selected in the Article Title field is null or blank, the field name is displayed instead of the field value.

Drill Down VUI

Specify the name of the view for the form from which you want to receive the RSS feed

Force Refresh

Select this option to disregard the Retain for (seconds) field. Every time a request is raised, the mid tier retrieves the information from the AR System server.

Important: This setting might impact the AR System server.

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