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Configuring Twitter notifications for companies

The out-of-the-box configuration for sending notifications via Twitter is restricted to BMC Helix ITSM broadcast messages that are Public and provided for the Global company. However, this functionality can be configured to send Twitter notifications for messages other than those designated as Public or defined for the Global company. AR System developers can follow the guidelines on customizing the application to enable these Twitter notifications.

To configure Twitter accounts to receive ITSM Broadcast messages sent based on company

  1. Select Administration Console > Application Administration Console > Custom Configuration > Foundation > Social Collaboration > External Notification Registration.
  2. On the External Notification Registration form, create an entry for each company to which you want to send broadcasts via Twitter.
    For more information, see Configuring the Twitter integration.
  3. Open Developer Studio.
  4. Open the SHR:LHP:OpenTwitterBrowserPage active link.

    This active link is executed when the user clicks the Twitter icon on the IT Home page. The initial action is to open the Twitter follow page based on the assumption that only one company, Global, has been set up in the system.
    For a multitenant environment, you must modify this active link action to display a dialog box that displays a table with a list companies configured in Step 2.

  5. Create a new dialog box and add a table to display the list of companies.
  6. In the Tree/Table Property dialog box, select your Server, select Data Source values., and then enter the following values:
    • Form name — CFG:ExternalNotificationRegistration
    • Qualification — ('NotificationContent' = "ITSM Broadcast") AND ('NotificationMechanism' = "Twitter") AND ('Status' = "Enable")
      Manually enter the qualification. If you copy and paste it from this web page, you might receive errors.

    • Select the following fields as Table Columns, as well as any other fields that you want to display in the table:
      • Company
      • NotificationContent
      • ExtNotificationAccountName

  7. On the dialog box, create an active link that will run when you select an entry from the table.
    The active link should perform a run process similar to the original SHR:LHP:OpenTwitterBrowserPage active link.


    Make sure you save your configurations and set the permissions to Public.

  8. Enter the following information in the Run Process action of the active link:
    <$col_ExtNotifAccountName$> corresponds to the last column defined in the table created.
  9. Open the CFG:PBB:SentNotificationToTwitter filter.
    This filter is executed when a broadcast message is saved with the SendToTwitter flag set to Yes.

  10. Modify the qualification of the first set field action as follows:
    ('Company' = $Company$) AND ('NotificationContent' = "ITSM Broadcast") AND ('NotificationMechanism' = "Twitter") AND ('Status' = "Enable")
    This qualification enables the system to identify the specific Twitter account that matches the company instead of the default Global company.
  11. Change the run-if condition of the following active links to remove the Company definition from the condition.
    The Sent To Twitter field is then enabled or disabled irrespective of the condition in the Company field:
    • CFG:PBB:OnOpen_EnableTwitter
    • CFG:PBB:ViewAccess_EnableTwitter
    • CFG:PBB:Company_EnableTwitter


      In the first active link you created, change the run-if from:
      ('Company' = "- Global -") AND ('View Access' = "Public") AND ( NOT ($VUI$ LIKE "Dialog View%"))
      ('View Access' = "Public") AND ( NOT ($VUI$ LIKE "Dialog View%"))

  12. Save your changes.
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