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Validate step

When you decide to run a dataload job, the data load is automatically validated. The validation of data occurs before the data is promoted. Each Validate step represents the validation of data for one staging form.


Validating foundation fields for transactional records against staging data will only be possible when both are contained within the same job and are for the same company. If separate jobs are created for foundation and related transactional data, then the foundation data must be promoted first, and validations must occur against the target ITSM forms.

For the validation step to run, escalations on the AR System server must be enabled. If escalations are disabled, for example, to run the Data Wizard (as described in Prerequisites to updating target values using the data wizard), ensure you enable them before performing this procedure.

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To validate a data load

  1. From the Applications list on the IT Home page, select Data Management > Job Console.
  2. On the Job Console, select the required job in the jobs table and click Run. The validation runs for the job.

All errors are captured in the Error Management console. For more information about using the Error Management console, see Managing data errors.

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