This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

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Use cases

Consult the following use cases for information on how to achieve business values with BMC Helix Cognitive Automation.

Use casesBusiness valueRelated topic
Automating service management

By using the cognitive service, you can automate multiple service desk interactions and save time to resolve tickets. For example:

  • automatically categorizing tickets
  • automatically applying ticket templates
  • automatically sending responses to business user emails
  • recommending Risk Levels for change requests
  • recommending Root Cause for Problem Investigation
Automating service management by using BMC Helix Cognitive Automation
Automating custom use cases

You can use the Custom option provided in BMC Helix Cognitive Automation to automate certain custom use cases depending on business needs. For example, you can set up the cognitive service for taking appropriate actions depending upon the subject-line of an inbound email, such as:

  • updating a specific field value
  • reopening a closed incident
  • closing an open incident
Automating custom use cases by using BMC Helix Cognitive Automation
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