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Service Catalog and Request Management

Self-service solutions can be implemented independently of each other, but the best results are found when they are implemented as part of a Business Service Management plan. BMC self-service solutions use this plan to promote integrated services and deliver standardized practices and procedures.

This section provides the following information:

BMC self-service solutions deliver self-help and assisted support options to end users, letting them request services and find information with little or no intervention from the service desk. Self-service solutions (identity, service request, and knowledge management) improve IT service support work volume, request fulfillment time, and service delivery processes through automation and call deflection from the IT service desk. With BMC self-service solutions, your IT service support organization can:

  • Eliminate more than 40 percent of the most repetitive incidents by offering self-service password management options, such as changes, resets, and requests for access
  • Reduce the number of incidents escalated to problems by up to 30 percent by providing a self-service knowledge base for users and service desk agents
  • Reduce the cost of service desk calls from $40 to $1 by automating repetitive service requests and removing intensive labor-oriented service-fulfillment processes
  • Provide the services users want, when they want them, by removing latency, reducing the risk of human error, and coordinating processes

Service Catalog and Request Management project

You can undertake a Service Catalog and Request Management project to provide a service catalog for viewing the details and relationships of IT and business services and adding new services to your service model. In an easy-to-use, self-service web user interface for the service catalog, BMC Service Request Management users can:

  • Review the available IT or other business services to which they are entitled
  • Request services
  • Review the status of the requested services online

Success factors and key performance indicators

The value of BMC self-service solutions can be demonstrated with the following critical success factor and key performance indicator (KPI) metrics that span all of the IT service management disciplines:

  • Reduction in IT costs
  • First-call-resolution rate
  • Percentage of escalations to level 2 support
  • Mean time to service restoration
  • IT-support labor-cost reduction as a percentage of the IT budget
  • Number of calls resolved via self-service requests (call avoidance)
  • Percentage of automated request fulfillment
  • Percentage reduction in call wait times
  • Percentage reduction in call abandonment rates
  • Percentage of changes that breach business service level agreements (SLAs)

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