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Loading knowledge article images from dataload spreadsheets

Knowledge articles have rich text fields which can display images. To load knowledge articles images to the BMC Remedy Action Request System, you must attach the image files to your dataload job.

The knowledge article templates have the following types of attachments:

  • RKMTemplateAttachmnt#_# — These attachment types are mainly for the image attached to the rich text fields.
  • Attachment# — All the other files that are manually attached to the article.

When you have attachment fields with data in your dataload spreadsheets, you must load an attachment .zip file with your spreadsheets. For more information, see Locating and managing the dataload spreadsheets.

In order for BMC Remedy Action Request System to retrieve the location of the image, you must update the rich text field in your spreadsheet as follows:


If you are updating the Error rich text file for a How To article, and the text in the original spreadsheet field is:
This is some text before the image.
This is some text after the image.

Attach the image in one of the template attachment pools mentioned in the spreadsheet help and replace the rich text field text as follows; for example:
This is some text before the image.
##IMG## RKMTemplateAttachmnt1_1##
This is some text after the image.

If the image file is mentioned in RKMTemplateAttachmnt1_1 then the corresponding string should be ##IMG## RKMTemplateAttachmnt1_1## and similarly RKMTemplateAttachmnt1_2 should have a corresponding string that is ##IMG## RKMTemplateAttachmnt1_2##.

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