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Automating custom use cases by using BMC Helix Cognitive Automation

The goal of this use case is to automate custom use cases. For example, updating a specific field value, reopening a closed incident, or closing an open incident, depending upon the subject-line of an inbound email.


Consider a scenario at Calbro Services when business users send emails to service desk either for requesting services or raising some issues. The IT Administrator at Calbro Services customizes the cognitive service provided in BMC Helix ITSM to process email summaries and generate relevant responses. The IT Administrator creates a training data input in the CSV file format and uses the custom option to customize. This trained cognitive service automatically replies to the business users or takes appropriate actions in the system according to the trained dataset.


Example of generating training data for a custom use case

This is an example of a use case where the cognitive service is customized to read the inbound email content of existing incidents. Depending on the training dataset, the cognitive service takes actions such as automatically resolving incidents or escalating incidents.


Create input and output fields: Create two character type fields with names as COG_EMAIL_INPUT and COG_EMAIL_RESPONSE, and field size as 1024 on the HPD:Help Desk form. Provide the general public permissions to these fields.

Creating and managing fields
Set up the cognitive service in Remedy ITSMSetting up BMC Helix Cognitive Automation

Create a training dataset: Create a training dataset with the name as EMAIL_RESPONSE_ACTION.

To generate training data by using a CSV file as an input source

Create a filter on HPD:WorkLog form

Creating filters

Create a filter for Set Fields action

To create a filter with input and output mappings

Create a filter for Service action

Service action

Create a filter for recording a response from the cognitive service

Set Fields action

Create a workflow for performing the actions recommended by the cognitive service

Defining workflow to automate processes

Reset the output field value to NULL

Set Fields action

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