This documentation supports the 19.11 version of BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite, which is available only to BMC Helix subscribers (SaaS).

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Working with tickets for other companies

When support staff are assigned tickets from other companies, they see the tickets in the applicable consoles and can work on the tickets.

For CIs, when you create a "Supported by" or "Used by" relationship to a people organization, access to that CI is granted to people who have access to the people organization's company.

Example: Vendor company working on assigned incident request for an operating company 

In this example, Mary Frontline works at the Service Desk and has access to Calbro. Joe Customer, a customer at Calbro, calls and says that he cannot access his email in Microsoft Outlook. Mary cannot resolve the incident request and assigns it to William Wenda at Vendorco. When William Wenda opens the Incident Management Console, he sees Joe Customer's incident request assigned to him; William opens the incident request and works to resolve the issue.

Because William does not have access to Calbro, he has the following restrictions when working on Joe Customer's incident request (or any ticket from a company for which he does not have access):

  • He is limited in how he can reassign the ticket, because he cannot see data for other companies. He can reassign the ticket within Vendorco using any method. However, to reassign the ticket to someone at Calbro, he must use the Auto Assign quick action.
    The Auto Assign quick action can assign an incident to the appropriate support group, even if the user does not have access to the support group's company.
  • For foundation data, such as product categorization and incident templates, William can select only data that is for his company (Vendorco) or that is global.
  • William can access CIs only if his company (Vendorco) is specified as the company:
    • In the Company field
    • On the People tab, for "Used by" and "Supported by" relationships.

If Vendorco is configured as a support company for Calbro, William can create new tickets for Calbro customers. However, because Vendorco is not configured as a support company for ABC Corp, William cannot create new tickets for ABC Corp customers.

When William is assigned a task, he is able to access the task from the Overview Console. He can only see the parent change request, incident request, or problem investigation if the parent request or investigation is assigned to a support group that William is a member of.

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