This documentation supports the 19.11 version of BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite, which is available only to BMC Helix subscribers (SaaS).

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Reports data

You can create reports for BMC Remedy ITSM applications based on BMC Remedy AR System Reports. For the report types, and whether an .arr or .rpt extension report is created, a data record for each report is loaded into the BMC Remedy AR System Report form.

Report form data

The following fields are used to define data for reports:

Report field definitions

Field name


Report Name

Provide a meaningful name for the report. This name is visible to end users.

Report Type

Indicate the type of a report. For example - BMC Remedy AR System report.

Form Name

Enter the form name.

Report Set Name

Copy the form name here (it can be used for grouping reports).


Thsi field is autopopulated on import, so you do not export this field in the .arx file.


Set to Active.

Short Description

Enter the report name here or provide more detail.

Assignee Groups

Select the groups that are permitted to use this report.


For the default US English reports, leave this field blank. Otherwise, set the locale as appropriate to the language in the report file.

Base Qualification

Enter a qualification if required for the report.

Date Range Field ID

Enter the field ID.

Date Range Report

By default this field is set to No. Set it to Yes if a Date Range Field ID exists.

Report Definition File

Attach the report file (.arr for a BMC Remedy AR System report).
The standard report naming format is SystemCode_ReportName.arr (or .rpt).
For the report name, use CamelCase notation, which is a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters with each distinct word beginning with an uppercase letter followed by lowercase letters and no space between words.

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