This documentation supports the 19.11 version of BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite, which is available only to BMC Helix subscribers (SaaS).

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Adding people attributes

You can enter additional profile information for individuals using the Attributes tab of the People form. For example, you can use attribute profiles to set up employee benefits or wallet information to store credit cards.


Adding and viewing HR Attendance Management information, Benefit information, and Wallet information requires Contact People HR Admin permission or higher.

To create attributes for people

  1. From the Application Administration Console, click the Custom Configuration tab.
  2. From the Application Settings list, choose Foundation > People > People, and then click Open. The People form appears.
  3. Search for the person.
  4. Select the person, and then select the Attributes tab. The available list of attribute types varies depending on your permissions.
    You can create, view, or delete attributes. For example, if you select Access ID as the Attribute Type and click Create, the Access ID form is displayed.
    The Access ID form shows the configuration of Access IDs that a person has within the applications that the person uses.
  5. Depending on the Attribute Type that you select, complete the dialog box that appears. When you save and close that dialog box, the attribute appears in the Attributes list on the People form.
  6. Click Save on the People form.
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