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This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Viewing installation and uninstallation logs

The BMC Remedy ITSM Maintenance tool provides access to installation and uninstallation logs. Each time that you run the installer or uninstaller, it creates a log file that you can view from a log viewer, which you launch from the BMC Remedy ITSM Maintenance tool.

The log viewer is the graphical presentation of the log files. Each installer log session is displayed as a tab. The tab's name includes a time stamp of the installer run. The tab displays the contents of the log file, with errors highlighted in red and warnings highlighted in yellow. Entries are presented in a table format that you can sort. To view the logs, open the BMC Remedy ITSM Maintenance tool and then use the log viewer.

Opening the BMC Remedy Maintenance tool

You can run the BMC Remedy ITSM Maintenance tool in a gui or from the command. For details about using this tool, see BMC Remedy ITSM Maintenance tool.

To open the BMC Remedy ITSM Maintenance tool in a graphical user interface

  • (Windows) Go to the <installationDirectory>\BMCRemedyITSMSuite\Utilities folder, and run the BMCRemedyITSMSuiteMaintenanceTool.cmd file.
  • (UNIX) Go to the <installationDirectory>/BMCRemedyITSMSuite/Utilities directory and run the ./ file.
  • (Product installation DVD) Run the tool from the utility directory.

To open the BMC Remedy ITSM Maintenance tool from the command line

  • (Windows) From the <installationDirectory>\BMCRemedyITSMSuite\Utilities folder, run BMCRemedyITSMSuiteMaintenanceTool.cmd with the -silent option.
  • (UNIX) From the <installationDirectory>/BMCRemedyITSMSuite/Utilities directory, run ./ with the -silent option.

To learn about command-line options

To learn about available command-line options, use the -help or -? option when you run the command.


  • BMCRemedyITSMSuiteMaintenanceTool.cmd -help
  • ./ -?

To use the log viewer 

  1. In the BMC Remedy ITSM Maintenance tool, click the Logs tab.
  2. Click Install Log.
  3. In the log viewer, click the tab for the log that you want to view.
  4. Search for rows highlighted in red (errors) or yellow (warnings).
    To sort a column, click the column header. To reverse sort a column, press the Shift key while clicking the column header.

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