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This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

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Overview of the user onboarding process

This topic provides the information about the user onboarding process in Remedy Smart Reporting.

User onboarding process overview

You can add users from Remedy AR System to Remedy Smart Reporting using the Customer Onboarding option on the Remedy Smart Reporting Admin Console. You can onboard users for a single company or for multiple companies in your Remedy IT Service Management multi-company environment. During multi-company user onboarding, you can onboard users for one company at a time or for multiple companies in bulk.

The user onboarding process performs the following functions:

  • Creates a single data source for one Remedy Smart Reporting instance.
  • For multi-company onboarding, in addition to a default client organization, the onboarding process creates a Remedy Smart Reporting Client Organization for each company that is onboarded. For more information, see Client organizations.
  • Onboards Remedy AR System users to Remedy Smart Reporting for all the companies in your environment and adds these users to their respective client organizations.
  • Creates a shared organization (<ManagedServiceProviderName>_sharedOrg) after the first client is onboarded in a multi-company onboarding, populates the data source, and gives access to the users in Reporting Shared Org group to the shared organization. For more information, Shared organizations.


  • Users with login names starting with special characters or containing the ! and # characters in their names, are not onboarded in Smart Reporting.
  • Users with duplicate email address in AR System are not onboarded in Remedy Smart Reporting.
  • (For Oracle only) If you have two users in AR System with the same name, one with lower case and one with upper case (for example, allen and Allen), only the user that you have created first in AR System will be onboarded in Smart Reporting.

Onboarding users in a non-IT Service Management environment

If you have not installed Remedy IT Service Management Suite, the onboarding process onboards the first seven users that are a part of the Smart Reporting Custom App Users group that is created out-of-the-box in Remedy AR System. The users who are a part of this group must have Fixed or Floating license types assigned to them. For the Smart Reporting Custom App Users group, only the users are onboarded into Remedy Smart Reporting, and not the data. You must manually import the data for these users. For more information, see Creating a view.


  • If the user that you are onboarding is a Reporting Administrator, then ensure that the user is a part of the first seven users in the Smart Reporting Custom App Users group, else the user will not be onboarded.
  • To onboard more than seven users that are a part of the Smart Reporting Custom App Users group, contact BMC Customer Support.

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