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This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

License management

Administrators can manage licenses via the Admin Console. The License Details page also provides you with an overview of your license variables such as number of users and expiry dates. Once you login to BMC Remedy Smart Reporting you will be able to view and manage your license from the License Details page by navigating to Administration > Admin Console > License Details.

Current License

Here you will be able to view the current license parameters used by your instance and upload new files.

Upload License

After you have installed BMC Remedy Smart Reporting you may need to update your license file. Generally the license key you receive with the installer is for a limited time only. When you receive your new license key or a regenerated license key you can update it by selecting the file you wish to use and upload on the License Details page.

You will then be shown the license parameters of the file you selected and asked to confirm that it is correct to complete the upload.

Invalid License Message

If your license is invalid you will be presented with a license error message. Confirm the license is valid (dates, hostname) by viewing the parameters in a text editor. If all parameters appear to be valid contact BMC Remedy Smart Reporting for support.

Incorrect Host Message

To load a new license file you must do so from the server on which BMC Remedy Smart Reporting is installed. If you do not do so an error is displayed.

Reminder Schedule

This function allows you to schedule BMC Remedy Smart Reporting to send reminder emails to nominated users or email addresses when license expiry approaches.

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