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This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Data sources

A Data Source record in BMC Remedy Smart Reporting contains the connection details that the system uses to access source data for reporting. These connections are then used by Views to provide tables and fields. Through the Administration Console, you will be able to create new data sources and associated views. In addition, you will be able to manage the security access to these connections.

Source Types

BMC Remedy Smart Reporting supports numerous data sources that can be used for reporting. These include databases such as DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, Lotus Notes Domino, and BMC Remedy Smart Reporting In-Memory. 


Remedy Smart Reporting license terms allow Remedy ITSM customers to generate reports with the Remedy AR System database (forms). You cannot integrate Remedy Smart Reporting directly with external data sources such as Microsoft Excel, CSV, or XML files; or with any other databases. However, you can integrate Remedy AR System with external data sources to make the data available in Remedy AR System forms, which can then be used for Remedy Smart Reporting.

Data Source list

The Data Source list displays all the available connections that have been defined in the system. You can access this list clicking on Administration in the main navigation menu and selecting the Admin Console option from the drop-down list.

Add Connection

To create a new Data Source Connection, click Add at the bottom of the Data Sources list in the Administration Console. On the Connection Details page, enter the required connection parameters. Alternatively, you can create a new connection through the various available system navigation menus. See Source Connection Parameters for more information on the various options that are available.


Remedy Smart Reporting gets data from Remedy AR System database. You can create only one source connection per client org during the onboarding process.  An error message appears if you try to create a new connection that exceeds the limit of total connections. As a work around, procure an extended license from Yellowfin. For more information, see Error: "Licensed Connections exceeded" Upon Adding A New Data Source In SmartReporting.

Edit Connection

To edit a connection, click on the required connection in the Data Sources list in the Administration Console. On the Connection Details page, adjust the connection parameters that have been previously defined.


You can only edit the source record for which you have access rights.

Delete Connection

To delete a connection, locate the required connection in the Data Sources list in the Administration Console and click the x button on the right of the row. On the confirmation page, you can check the list that displays the usage of the connection and the Views that are dependant on the connection before you delete the connection.


If the connection is deleted, any views that are dependent will also be removed along with the dependant reports.

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