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This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

BMC Remedy Smart Reporting users

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The following topics explain the BMC Remedy Smart Reporting users:

User list

Access to system is based on users logins. Through the Admin Console administrators can edit and delete users within the application. The users are added to Remedy Smart Reporting through the user sync utility. For more information, see Synchronizing Remedy AR System users to Remedy Smart Reporting.

The user list provides administrators with the ability to browse all the users within the system. To access this list click expand the Users section in the main panel of the Admin Console.

Search users

To find a specific user, use the search box at the top of the user list.

  1. Type in the users first or last name into the search box.
  2. A list of users matching your query will be returned.

If a user does not appear in search results, ensure the following:

Edit user

From time to time users may require changes to be made to their account, from updating their name, to changing their password. Any changes can be made by locating the user in the users list, selecting the drop down menu next to their record and choosing the Edit option.

From here you will be taken to the User Details page where you can make adjustments to their account.


If you change the password of a user in Remedy Smart Reporting, it does not get changed in Remedy Action Request System. Additionally, the user sync utility does not overwrite the password from Remedy AR System to Remedy Smart Reporting.

Change role

A user's role permissions can be changed through the edit process outlined above, or you can simply select the Change Role option from the drop down menu next to a user's name and select a different role.

Delete user

To remove a user's access to the system you will have to delete their account. Click on the drop down menu next to a user in the Admin Console and select the Delete option.

You will then be promoted to confirm the remove of the user on a separate page.

Select Delete all private content to delete the content of that user or select Migrate content to selected user to migrate content to another user.

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