This documentation supports the 19.02 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Viewing and modifying standard configuration data

After you configure BMC Remedy ITSM as a standard configuration, you can view the configuration data.

When you view the data, a form appears in which you can perform additional custom configuration. For example, if you view support groups, you can use the Support Group form to modify the data already entered or add additional information, such as the business hours for a support group.

To view or modify standard configuration data

  1. On the Standard Configuration tab of the Application Administration Console, select the correct company.
  2. Click the View link next to the category of standard configuration data that you want to view or modify.

    The corresponding form appears with search results that display all records for the selected company. If appropriate, records applicable to all companies also appear. For example, if you click the View link next to Support Group, the Support Group form appears, displaying all matching support groups. The top part of the form displays the search results, and the bottom part displays the selected record.

    Support Group form displaying the company's support groups

  3. Select the appropriate record to view the data or make changes.
  4. If you make changes to the form, click Save.
  5. Close the form.
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