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Troubleshooting promotion process errors

This topic provides information about troubleshooting errors related to the promotion process.

Before you begin

The promote step pushes all the staging form records that are valid, either automatically or manually, to their respective target forms within the BMC Remedy ITSM applications, based on the option selected for each promote step within the job. Each promote step represents a data promotion for one staging form. This data must be validated without errors before it can be promoted in the validation step. If you selected the Create Only mode for the validate step, the related promote step creates new records only in the target forms. If you do not select the Create Only mode, the new records are created in the target forms and the existing records are updated.

If an article has multiple versions and the newest version is in a Draft state, the article with a version that is earlier than the newest version is promoted with a Published state. When articles with multiple versions are promoted, if the newest version is in the Published state, all the articles with a version earlier than the newest version is promoted with a Closed state.

Review the following topics related to the promote step:

Checking for errors in the promotion step

Check for promotion step errors in the following locations:

  • Error Management console—Errors found on the staging forms are flagged. For details about fixing errors, see Managing data errors.
  • ARerror.log—This log file lists errors that occur during validation and promotion.
  • CAI Events form—Search for records with Return Code set to Error. The comments in Return Message indicate which error occurred.

Troubleshooting errors related to the promotion step stuck in the In Progress state

Issue symptom

The promote step stays in the In Progress state.

Issue cause

  • Custom fields and selection of menu values in the target form are not mapped in the load form and in the job.
  • Custom workflow on load forms are not coded properly.
  • For bulk data loads, there are not enough threads to run the job along with other processes running on the server, such as escalations.
  • Null values are mapped and pushed for fields that need a value.

Issue workaround

  • For unique index errors, usually no action is required if this is the only error.
  • For timeout errors (ARERR 92 and 93), since there are no retries in UDM, check the time and why the process timed out. Reload the data in a new job.
  • See the recommended settings.

Best Practice

Similar to the validate step, if you set a waiting time on the promote step, you can review and fix the data issues. Select the step, and click Enable Wait. After each step is selected, if you get an error on the Promote People Template, correct the errors before going to the next step.

Additionally, check the following:

  • All the data is loaded on the staging forms.
  • All the issues are fixed, after which you can cancel the earlier job and copy the new updated job.
  • If validation errors are present, fix them, and re-run the job from the validate step.

Troubleshooting Remedy AR System server or plug-in errors in the promote step

Issue symptom

The system captures any Remedy AR System server or plug-in errors that occur when the promote step is created for a job. Such errors are captured and displayed on the Promote step in the steps panel in a job record as a detailed error message.

Issue cause

If any Remedy AR System server or plug-in error occurs when data is being promoted in chunks to the target forms, the system processes the data chunk only up to the point of error. The remaining data in the chunk is not processed. The system then proceeds to promote the data in next chunk. The Promote step is completed with Status as Completed and Job Result as Errors Detected.

Issue workaround

The system administrator must first resolve the errors, export the data that was not promoted to a format of Data Management spreadsheets, and create a new job to promote the data.

For information about creating a new job see Creating a job and for information about running a new job, see Running a job.

Troubleshooting common errors

The following table lists the common errors and their workaround.

Issue symptom

Issue cause

Issue workaround
The promote step is stuck in the In Progress state.

Incorrect escalations are running.

Ensure that the correct escalations are running and the settings are correct.

The Asset people and Asset relationship forms are stuck in the In Progress state.

Usually occurs when the DMT:DMI:Check_ReconStatus escalation does not run.

For the reconciliation jobs, check if there is a mismatch between the workflow and data. Also, check if the DMT:DMI:Check_ReconStatus form is incomplete because it will not be able to identify the correct job.
The promote step is stuck in the In Queued state.

On the DMT:SYS:SequencingEngine form, the record count of the Parent_Job_GUID field value selected as DO NOT REMOVE is less than 280.

  1. Open the DMT:SYS:SequencingEngine form.
  2. Search with the value of the Parent_Job_GUID field as DO NOT REMOVE.
  3. Check if the record count is less than 280.

If yes, then perform the following steps:
  1. Take a backup of all the records from the DMT:SYS:SequencingEngine form in an *.arx format and save the file.
  2. Delete the entries from the form with the value of the Parent_Job_GUID field as DO NOT REMOVE.
  3. Import the .csv sheet with the Parent_Job_GUID field value as DO NOT REMOVE on the server where you have the count as 280.
  4. Verify that the correct port is set for the plugin as 20000.
  5. Flush the Mid Tier cache and clear the browser cache.
  6. Restart the Remedy AR System server.
  7. Test the job again.
The ARERR 382 unique index violation error is displayed.

Duplicate records are present in the load forms.

In the load forms, for example, the CTM:LoadPeople form, search for duplicate records for the job you are running. Delete the duplicate records and run the job again.

The UDM promote step records an entry twice.

The filters ran quicker than the job, which created duplicate entries when pushing the data to the staging forms.

Follow the steps given below to remove the duplicate records for the promote step.

  1. On the Server Information form, set the timeout value for the API RPC filter to 300.
  2. Open the DMT:SYS:SequencingEngine form in the Mid Tier and check if there are any records. If yes, take a back up of all the records then perform the steps given below:
    1. Disable all the logs.
    2. Search for records with the value of the Parent_Job_GUID field as DO NOT REMOVE in the DMT:SYS:SequencingEngine form and delete all the matching records from the form.
    3. Open the DMT:SYS:StagingFormDependency form in a Search mode (blank search screen) and then click Rebuild Sequence Table.
    4. After a few minutes (around 5-10 minutes), query the DMT:SYS:SequencingEngine form and check if you have records with the 'GO' prefix data value in the Stream field.
  3. On the Server Information form, change the value of the API RPC filter to the default value of 180.
The promote step is stuck in the In Progress state and the CAI:Events form displays a record with 552 truncation error.

The data entered in the spreadsheet is longer than field limit.

Gather the combined API/SQL/Filter and Escalation logs. Look for the exact truncation error and check the long running entries.
Errors related to not enough licenses.

Licenses are missing.

Check for the -1 entries or error. Add or remove the licenses required for the products that require the license.

The following time out errors are displayed while loading the Remedy Knowledge Management articles:

  • 390620 : Time-out during plug-in call--
    the request has been accepted by the
    plug-in server, but the plug-in has
    not yet responded : RPC: 1832-008
    Timed out (ARERR 9940)
  • 390620 : An application command failed.
    (ARERR 4554)
  • Application-Delete-Entry
    "RKM:KAMAsynchronousUpdate" 000000000009107
  • 390620 : Time-out during plug-in call
    --the request has been accepted
    by the plug-in server, but the
    plug-in has not yet responded :
    RPC: 1832-008
    Timed out (ARERR 9940)
  • 390620 : An application
    command failed. (ARERR 4554)
  • Application-Delete-Entry
    "RKM:KAMAsynchronousUpdate" 000000000009123
  • Dispatch : Timeout during data
    retrieval due to busy server --
    retry the operation (server name) ARERR - 93

When the logs run, the Remedy AR System server slows down due to the amount of data being processed and displays the server time out error for the Knowledge Management articles.

Check the logging level and ensure that it is not set to Minimal for the AI RKM_Articles job in UDM. Additionally, disable the logging for UDM to promote the jobs.
The ARERR 92 error is displayed in the server group.

The server group settings are incorrect.

Verify that you have set up the server group correctly. For more information, see Troubleshooting DMT UDM Load Balance and Server Group issues.
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