This documentation supports the 19.02 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

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Troubleshooting data wizard counts and updates

To troubleshoot possible errors during counts and updates, you can perform the following activities:

The amount of time, for a count or update to take, depends on the total number of records being checked and on the number of affected records. For example, see the performance benchmarks for modifying records with the data wizard.

Monitoring the data wizard for a halted count or update

Monitor the Data Wizard Status window. If an item in the Status Window is stuck at Pending, and does not change to Complete, an error might have occurred during the update.


If the count or update is halted or interrupted, follow the procedure described in Rerunning the count or update to rerun the data wizard action.

To check for errors

Check for errors in the following places:

  • DLD:Lock form — Search for a record with FormName01 = DLD:SYS:DataWizAction. If there is such record, it indicates either the process is still running, or a processing error is preventing this record from being deleted after the process has completed.
  • CAI Events form — Search for records with App Interface Form = DLD:SYS:DataWizAction. The comments in the Return Message field indicate which error occurred.
  • Filter log — Run the filter log to check for any errors.

Rerunning the count or update

If the count or update is halted or interrupted, you can rerun the data wizard action; the count or update is completed on the remaining forms.

To rerun the count or update

  1. Clear the lock that indicates the data wizard is running.
    1. Open the DLD:Lock form.
    2. Search for a record where the Form Name01 field is set to DLD:SYS:DataWizAction.
    3. Delete the record.
  2. Rerun the count or update.
    1. On the Data Wizard Console, click View Audit Log.
    2. Open the audit of the action that was halted or interrupted.
    3. Click Re-Run.
      The count or update resumes running from where it was halted or interrupted.


      You can perform a new count instead of rerunning a count. For an update, however, you must perform a rerun.

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