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Troubleshooting BMC Helix Cognitive Automation

Before using BMC Helix Cognitive Automation, ensure that you have the Cognitive Service Config permission. For information about this permission, see BMC Cognitive Service Management permission. Additionally, you must understand the types of training data and the guidelines to follow while generating the data. For more information, see Training data for BMC Helix Cognitive Automation. If you still encounter any challenges using BMC Helix Cognitive Automation, this topic helps you provide information about troubleshooting such issues while using cognitive service and generating training data.


While using the BMC Helix Cognitive Automation feature to auto-apply templates to the tickets, you must consider the following points:

  • If the Reported Source option is selected as Email during ticket creation, the cognitive service automatically applies a template to that ticket.
  • The training data set contains GUID that is unique for an Innovation Suite server or IBM Watson account. If this data set is used to train Application Templates on multiple ITSM stacks, the results of cognitive service are not predictable.

Issues with configuring cognitive service

If the system encounters any errors while you configure the cognitive service, it displays an error. If the error message states that the URL, username, or password provided to configure BMC Helix Cognitive Automation is incorrect, you must re-enter the correct URL and credentials. However, if the error type is not related to incorrect credentials, you must analyze the error details in the arextension.log file in the ARSysteminstalldirectory\Arserver\Db directory and contact BMC Customer Support.

Issues with generating training data

If the system encounters any error while generating training data, the status of the training data record is changed to FAILED and an error message is displayed below the Data set configuration table.

Error message on the Cognitive Data Setup form

The error message states the reason for the failure of the training data. The details of the error are logged in the arextension.log file in the ARSysteminstalldirectory\Arserver\Db directory. You must analyze the error description and perform a corrective action based on the error type.

Deactivating a previously trained dataset

In certain situations, if you don't want to use Cognitive Service to use a trained dataset, you can deactivate the option for that trained dataset to auto-categorize or auto-populate templates. For this, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Application Administration Console > Custom Configuration > Foundation > Advanced Options > Cognitive Service Configuration.
  2. On the Cognitive Data Setup form, select Cognitive Data Type.
  3. Select the training data set that you want to deactivate.
  4. Change the Status to Inactive.

Additionally, if you want to delete the trained data for Application Templates, the option to delete the data set is disabled. To delete the trained data set, open the data set using Data Set ID on the form AR System Administration:Cognitive Service Training Data Set Pending.

Cognitive Service Training Data Set Pending form

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