This documentation supports the 19.02 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

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Synchronizing foundation data

Use this procedure to push the following service provider company specific foundation data records from the hub server to a new spoke server. Use this procedure only when you are adding a new spoke server to an existing hub and spoke system:

  • Company
  • Location
  • Site
  • Organization
  • Support Group
  • People

Synchronizing the service provider company foundation data with a new spoke server ensures that the support staff data is synchronized with the spoke server. This ensures that people who are logged on to the hub server can work on incident, problem, or change requests that are created on the new spoke server.


If you use this procedure for any other purpose, you might cause unique constraint data errors. For example, do not use this procedure to push regular ongoing data updates from the hub server to an existing spoke server. These types of data synchronizations occur dynamically, by way of the DSO service.

To synchronize foundation data

  1. From the IT Home page of the BMC Remedy AR System server that you will identify as the hub, click the Applications selection menu and select Administration Console > Application Administration console.
  2. On the Custom Configuration tab of the Application Administration console, select Hub and Spoke > Configuration Settings and click Synchronize Foundation Data.
  3. From the Spoke Server selection list on the Synchronize Foundation Mapping form, select the spoke server you want to run the synchronization against.
    The table on the Synchronize Foundation Mapping form lists all of the service provider companies that are registered on the hub server. The table is for reference purposes only and is not used by the synchronization process.
  4. At the bottom of the form, click Synchronize Company.
  5. Repeat the preceding step for each of the foundation data types (Company, Location, Support Group, and People).
    You must perform all four foundation synchronizations each time that you perform this procedure.

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