This documentation supports the 19.02 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

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Step run sequence

When a job runs, it takes a copy of the step run sequence created by the Application Administrator in the staging form dependency table and removes any of the sequence elements for which it does not have a matching step. For example, if a job containing only foundation steps runs then the job will keep only the foundation elements from the sequence.

When the Load step occurs, all data is loaded simultaneously.

The Validate and Promote steps for parent staging forms must be completed before child staging forms can be triggered. The child staging forms verify whether the steps for all parent staging forms are completed. If they are then the steps proceed for the child staging forms. If the steps for all parent staging forms are not complete, the child staging forms wait until they are completed. This process repeats itself until the steps for all of the child staging forms are completed.

When each step runs, the status for each step changes to Completed. This status is visible in the Jobs table in the Job Console.

The Promote step and Validate step can occur simultaneously (as long as the staging forms are not parent and child).

In the following example, by the time the Validate step is completed for the People template staging form, the Promote step might have already completed for the Region staging form.


The following shows a hierarchy of staging forms:

  • Company
    • Region
      • Site Group
      • Site Company Association
        • People Template
          • People
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