This documentation supports the 19.02 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

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Registering Atrium Integrator job variables

As a DMT Admin or AR administrators, after you registered your Atrium Integrator job, you should register variables of the job. The variables are used during the execution of the Data Management job. For example, connectivity information including your server name and server password.

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To register custom Atrium Integrator job variables

  1. From the Atrium Integrator Jobs window, click on the arrow next to Variables to open the Variables panel.
    The Hidden column in the variables table indicates when the variables are dynamically set (shows Yes) by Data Management and are therefore not displayed in the Variables panel in the Step window.

  2. Click Create.
  3. Select the required variable type.
    Select the Local variable type if the variable is only for a specific Atrium Integrator job execution. Select the Global variable type if the variable applies to all Atrium Integrator job executions.
  4. Select your Atrium Integrator job name.
  5. Enter your variable name.
  6. You can enter the following information:
    • Variable description
    • Default value for your variable which automatically populates the variable
      You can also select the Secured check box so that your data is stored using encryption. If you select the Hidden check box, the variable is only used in workflow and users cannot provided values for it in the Step window.
  7. Click Save to register your variable.
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