This documentation supports the 19.02 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

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Normalization and reconciliation: recommended procedure for ITSM CI data Loaded through Data Management

From the Data Management > Job Console, when you create a job using the BMC templates for CI-CMDB and Asset data existing in the Transactional_CI.xlsm, Transactional_Asset.xlsm, and Transactional_CI_Express.xlsm spreadsheets, you need to run reconciliation process manually or schedule the reconciliation process after completing the load, validate, and promote steps successfully. 

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Best Practices for handling Normalization

Reconciliation process enables you to compare data from different data sources and to create one complete and correct production dataset.  Before reconciling the BMC Remedy ITSM CI and Asset data loaded through Data Management, you may choose to normalize data to make sure that product names and categorization are consistent across different datasets and from different data providers. Normalizing data is optional.

The Transactional_CI.xlsm, Transactional_Asset.xlsm, and Transactional_CI_Express.xlsm spreadsheets are located at Data Management > Spreadsheet Management > Spreadsheet Type > BMC Template.

Normalizing and reconciling the BMC Remedy ITSM CI and Asset data 

BMC recommends that you normalize data before reconciliation. For details, see Normalizing data.

You must reconcile the data loaded through the below spreadsheets:

  • Transactional_CI.xlsm
  • Transactional_Asset.xlsm
  • Transactional_CI_Express.xlsm

To run the reconciliation process, execute the steps listed below:

  1. Choose Atrium Core > Atrium Core Console > Application Launcher > Advanced > Reconciliation. 
  2. From the jobs list, select BMC Asset Management CI DATA LOAD as the Data Management CI jobs push the data into BMC Atrium CMDB with the dataset BMC.ITSM.CI.DATA after completing the jobs.
  3. Click  to run the BMC Asset Management CI DATA LOAD job. 

To schedule a reconciliation job, see  Creating a reconciliation job schedule

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